Cloud Community: Cloudburst releases Russia's first collection of clothes with NFC chips on the blockchain

Moscow, December 17, 2018. — The Cloudburst brand presented a limited collection of clothes with embedded NFC chips from the fashion tech firm Verisium, which has created a cloud solution using blockchain technology based on the Microsoft Azure platform. This project has no analogues in Russia and its main goal is to help Cloudburst create a unique community with the clients of the brand, based on two-way communication, mobility and exclusivity.

Cloudburst, Microsoft and Versium:

“Using modern technologies in creating clothes, we strive to bring our customer experience to a new level. This project with Verisium gives us the opportunity to establish communication with our customers, to share new releases and individual offers, naturally forming a unique thematic community”, commented Maxim Constantin, a designer with Cloudburst.

Verisium will help Cloudburst improve communication with its customers by providing the ability to communicate with them directly through smart clothes. The buyer needs only to scan the NFC chip using the Verisium application (available through both the Apple AppStore and Google Play).

  • 01 Verisium provides a reliable way to verify product authenticity thanks to a unique chip that cannot be faked, and the use of Quorum’s blockchain technology in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The blockchain allows you to securely store information that verifies the originality and authenticity of the goods.
  • 02 The platform allows the brand to share additional content with its customers, such as various audio and video files, photographs, product descriptions, product composition, as well as care recommendations and any other information that may be of interest to the client.
  • 03 With the help of the analytics module, the brand gains the opportunity to create a portrait of the buyer and target personal offers due to the analysis of scans of products of interest.
  • 04 Since the chip cannot be faked, the brand is now able to make exclusive offers only to those customers who have bought the product, for example, invitations to private events and parties, or announcements of new collections before the premiere with the ability to pre-order. For example, in January 2019, Cloudburst will take part in the Paris Fashion Week event and will exclusively send invitations to the owners of its collection through the Verisium app.

Today it is no longer enough for brands to offer just a piece of clothing – the buyer needs a comprehensive service.

“The joint project with Cloudburst became special for Verisium, as our key idea is perfectly combined with the brand’s mission to help the client feel special, thanks to exclusive interaction formats and access to a closed brand community,” says Eldar Hayretdinov, co-founder of the Verisium project.

“Today it is no longer enough for brands to offer just a piece of clothing – the buyer needs a comprehensive service, which maximizes the experience of purchasing and using the product. Our joint project between Cloudburst and Verusium perfectly illustrates how modern technologies, such as the cloud and blockchain, allow companies to implement new business models and find new channels and forms of communication with consumers, thus obtaining new opportunities for growth and development in the digitalization era”, said Konstantin Goldstein, a leading Microsoft Technical Evangelist in Russia.

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About Cloudburst

Cloudburst is a young and ambitious Russian brand of functional and technologically innovative clothing. The brand’s first collection was presented in 2017. Presently, Cloudburst carries two full-fledged collections, and every three months the company also presents “drops” without being linked to the season in the deadstock format (items are issued once).

All brand products are strictly limited and have individualized serial numbers. This form of exclusivity has gained Cloudburst fans all around the world, and the brand’s clothing has been used multiple times in advertising campaigns, in particular those for Red Bull and Adrenaline Rush.

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Instagram: @cloudburstwear