Connect with your customers through your products

using Verisium IoT technology

Brands often do not have a direct connection with their customers

Lack of connection leads to fewer loyal customers

Fewer loyal customers means lower sales

Using Verisium you can communicate directly with your customers through your products!

Communicate to your customers through your products

The Verisium platform allows you to build a fully custom, media-rich product card that customers see when they scan the item’s NFC chip. Implement breathtaking digital scenarios – while your real-world product stays in focus

When the brand-to-customer connection is made, the customer gets to know your brand better, and you in turn learn about your customer. With Verisium you can measure not only sales, as most brands do, but also pre- and post-sale product interactions. You also get to know your customers – what devices they use, what other products from you and other brands they are interested in and consider buying. With geo-reports, you can easily see how your products perform everywhere in the world.

What you
can show

  • Product information
    • Materials
    • Product inspiration
    • Product use and care
    • Service centers
  • Media content
    • Video
    • Pictures
    • Where to buy
    • Music
  • Dynamic updates
    • Sporting events and statistics
    • Tickets to private events
    • Brand news and show invitations
    • Concert invitations and videos

Not just a product but a lifestyle

Send invitations to private parties

Your clients will immediately receive them after scanning your product

Promote collaborations

Create collaborations with other brands and use Verisium to attach your music to the brands’ products

See where, when and which products were scanned

You know what your customers buy. But do you know what they are looking at? With Verisium you can get an accurate portrait of people who browse and scan your goods

Scan & Buy

ADDITIONAL SALES CHANNEL – When a person scans the product he can buy it with one tap through e-commerce integration

Personalized targeted advertisements
Who scanned this

particular product
How many times the 

person scanned the product
NFC Technology is a new
way to communicate with physical objects
Used in Paypass, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Reading distance
The easiest & secure way to authenticate a product
NFC tags can be a part of your product