Verisium and 3M launch NFC tagged product line

Verisium and 3M announced a collaborative project on the 15th of April, 2019. This project was to use Verisium NFC tags and QR codes with different lines of 3M’s automotive care products.

This allowed 3М to better understand and deeper analyze its customers’ behavior, and to form personalized offers based on their purchase histories.

Customers are now able to scan QR codes and NFC tags on 3M products with their smartphones, receiving product information and video user guides. These give expert level information that is authorized by 3M itself concerning the nature and use of its own products.

3M is a massive international company, and the idea of rendering such a personal level of service is a new feature for such a large enterprise. Any business’ performance statistically takes off when they render great customer service, but sometimes a business that starts out small and great gets large and “lost.” The use of NFC tagging and QR codes allowed this manufacturer to re-introduce a personal level of service.

The expert information offered through scanning the NFC tags covers any deficiency in sales clerks’ product knowledge because the NFC tags can be scanned anytime (for example, before the purchase). Getting product information in this manner can save the sale. This, of course, saves the day for both the customer and the business selling the 3M products.

The QR codes are hidden under a scratch-off layer. These codes are used to register the customer’s purchase via the “3M-Auto” mobile application. 3M customers will receive points for every product they register with the 3M-Auto mobile application. Later on, they can exchange these points for rewards from 3M and take part in the drawing of the two main prizes.

Using its loyalty program, 3M can gather analytics data to conduct targeted advertising for its customers. The loyalty program is designed to encourage end-customers to buy more and different products within 3M’s own lineup.

3M has great interest in involving its customers in this program, and the use of Verisium QR codes and NFC tags provided a great deal of assistance in amplifying this involvement. Of particular interest to 3M is membership growth in their loyalty program in 2019 compared with 2018.

The pilot program was launched on July 15, 2019. The growth recorded in but one month is extremely impressive, and appears to be in line with 3M’s hopes for reaching an overall loyalty program involvement rate of 60% with its customers. Before the program started, that rate was about 30%. In similar fashion, 3M expects their customers to collect twice as many loyalty points under the program.

In this short period of time, 3M already reports seeing customer involvement in the loyalty program jump 75%, and an increase in the amount of collected loyalty points of 3.3 times that of the same period of time last year!

The results achieved by 3M show that the Verisium platform is extremely useful for a wide variety of industries and markets. The ability to create truly interactive and directly connected customer communities for brands is one of the key selling points of Verisium’s technology.