Moscow has quietly become one of the most significant fashion centers on the planet. The country’s unique view of itself and of the world have spurred incredible ideas in “streetwear” and “techwear.” One of the leaders in the streetwear fashion industry is a company called Outlaw (АУТЛО), whose designers, Dilyara Minrakhmanova and Maxim Bashkaev, are tapping into some very big opportunities.

In their search for new and innovative ways to communicate with their customers, the Outlaw designers found Verisium NFC technology to be just the solution they were looking for.

The embedding of NFC chips in Outlaw’s clothing line means that customers can verify that the product they are looking at is authentic, but this is only the beginning. The customers can learn all about the product materials and design, and they can learn the story of the designers’ inspiration for their products. But there is still much more.

Outlaw can now do what amounts to a person-to-person approach with each and every one of its customers. After the sale, the customer can register his item. Then a whole new level of services is made available, such as new product announcements personally tailored to the style preferences of each customer, invitations to new clothing design launch events, concerts, and connection opportunities with Outlaw’s own collaborators.

This works to the customer’s benefit by engaging him or her with the designer in a way that simply was not possible before. Outlaw benefits by becoming able to directly analyze the popularity of any given product line it produces, directly, without the need of retailer reporting.

This utilization of NFC and blockchain technology is quite new and the opportunities it offers are only just beginning to be tapped. However, Outlaw and Verisium have made what can only be called a mighty beginning, and we can expect much more news of this technology being used in many beneficial ways for designers and consumers around the world.