Wonderful People Community rocks creatives with Verisium


Sometimes the best ideas in fashion come from people who never sought to do fashion. One such example is with the dynamic duo, Anton and Abude who together form the Wonderful People Company (a.k.a. WPC), one of Moscow’s rising stars in streetwear fashion.

One of the distinctive facts about these two as clothing designers is that neither of them ever studied to become clothing designers. The idea that they developed into WPC was completely spontaneous. Nevertheless, the urban streetwear they created has gotten international attention and acclaim, generating interest across Europe with WPC products released during the summer Fashion Week show in Paris.

WPC entered into collaboration with Verisium, also an occurrence of what might seem like random coincidence. An evening walk in Moscow provided the opportunity for Anton and Abude to meet with innovators from the Kaspersky-powered startup and the idea was born.

Wonderful People Company makes use of Verisium’s NFC – Blockchain technology, in the words of WPC’s own co-founders:

“These chips’ data are tied to a blockchain. The chips themselves are sewn into the clothes we make, then a person downloads an application to his phone, scans the embedded NFC chip and confirms the authenticity of the item. On this chip, you can also send messages, suggestions, event invitations, presentations, videos, photos, and more.”

WPC targets “creatives” – musicians, artists, designers, and the like, with a clothing image that they say is supposed to be transparent – to reflect the emotion or feeling of the person who wears this clothing. WPC intends to build a community of such creatives, united through the clothing line as well as their shared and common interests.

According to Anton and Abude, one of the key themes in the fashion industry is collaboration with others in the industry, contrasted with competition. Verisium is geared towards this kind of business as well, gaining wide acclaim through collaborations with companies of all sizes.

WPC clothing is available for order through the Jean Louis website.