Verisium is an innovative solution for fashion brands which uses NFC and Blockchain technology, aimed at customer engagement and product authentication.
Fashion and technology come closer every day
The world is changing, and your customers are changing as well. They get used to living in the Smart World: they use smartphones, smart watches and other smart devices every day. They expect that their clothing will be smart as well.
Smart clothing allow you to create an omnichannel experience for your customers and to stay connected with them.
Blockchain is a shared immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions that cannot be altered. A private blockchain provides a permissioned network with known identities.
How does it work
  • Embed an NFC chip inside your products.
  • Load information to the Verisium blockchain via our portal.
  • Customers can scan the product with the mobile application to see all the information you loaded.
What is blockchain?
Blockchain is a shared immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions that cannot be altered. A private blockchain provides a permissioned network with known identities.
Single shared ledger that is tamper-proof. Once recorded, transactions cannot be altered.
All parties must give consensus before a new transaction is added to the network.
Increasing efficiency
Eliminates or reduces paper processes, speeding up transaction times and increasing efficiency.
Fully distributed
Blockchain is fully distributed with no single points of failure or bottlenecks.
The most secure and easy way to authenticate a product
  • THE Chips in Verisium solution are protected from hard copying using several security mechanisms, which make it nearly impossible to fake
  • Each physical NFC chip has a corresponding digital entity in the Verisium Blockchain
  • Protect your customers from buying fakes in all the distribution channels – including the internet
How blockchain works
  • As each transaction occurs, it's put into a block.
  • Each block is connected to the one before and after it.
  • Transactions are blocked together.
  • Each block is added to the next in an irreversible chain.
  • To form a block, all the parties should come to a consensus on transactions
Created by leaders
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Cloud Architecture
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Someone is touching your product right now
  • See how your customers are scanning your products in real time – and adjust your marketing efforts
  • Get information about your final customers – directly from them
  • Create flexible alerting rules based on time / region / product type / number of scans and other parameters to monitor the grey market
Create a truly customer experience
GO OMNICHANNEL and create a fusion between physical and digital.
Add a new innovative method to interact
with your clients
Send messages to the people who scanned
your products
Track your clients' scan history and send
personalized offers
About us
Our mission is to use Innovation & Technology to enable fashion companies to create new experiences for their customers and bring the Future of Fashion closer.
Eldar Khayretdinov
Visionary, co-founder, Eldar has experience as an IT test-engineer and a software developer. The project idea was born when Eldar ordered a pair of boots through the Internet. When he got them, he was not sure if they were authentic – and he decided, that through using new technologies it would be possible to give end customers a really simple and secure way to check the authenticity of any product – and feel safe about it.
Vadim Kostomarov
Prior creating Verisium, Vadim worked in a major Russian fashion e-commerce shop Lamoda.Ru, where he led digital transformations in the field of omnichannel customer experience. Before that, he was an IT and Management consultant.
Our contacts
Feel free to contact us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
Leningradsky Ave, 37A, k.4, Moscow, 125167
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