Policy – Verisium

Privacy Policy for Verisium

This Privacy Policy describes the handling of user data by the Verisium application and explains more specifically what information Verisium collects about you and why. We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and to handling your personal data confidentially.

Purpose: Marketing and informational purposes. The information could be requested by a Brand, that produced a scanned good.

Processed data:

  • Device ID;
  • User’s locale (language);
  • User’s location (GPS coordinates) when any good is being scanned;
  • Device operating system (incl. its version);
  • Device IP address;
  • Application version.

Data Transferring and Sharing:

Data is forwarded to the Verisium web service over a secure channel. Verisium protects the information received in accordance with the law and the rules of Verisium. Verisium uses the information received only in an anonymized form as a part of aggregated statistics. These aggregated statistics are generated automatically from the original information received and do not contain personal information or any other confidential information. General statistics are kept indefinitely.

Purpose: Performance monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.

Processed data:

To Google Analytics/Firebase:

  • Device ID;
  • Application version;
  • Information about the use of the product's user interface, including information about the opening of the user interface’s screens (including identifiers and names of screens and used control elements) and switching between screens, type of the user's interaction with the interface, information about changes to settings and product parameters (including the name of the setting or the parameter, and the new values);
  • Information about the application performance, i.e. general operations start and finish timings.

To Crashlytics:

  • Information about an event of abnormal termination of the software: the unique identifier of the event, date and time of the software installation and the event, text of the error message;
  • Information about the software installed on the device: the software bundle identifier and the version number of the software, the flag indicating whether or not the software was running in the background;
  • The name and the version of the operating system;
  • Android ID.

Data Transferring and Sharing:

Data is forwarded to Firebase, Google Analytics and Crashlytics over a secure channel. Access to information and its protection is governed by the relevant terms of use of Firebase, Google Analytics and Crashlytics services.