Onetechnology —plentyof applications

Use Verisiumfor B2B or B2СWorks goodeither way!




Maintain loyalty of your customers via personalised offers based on their true needs.

For items with price from $40

Technology — NFC-chip or QR code

Use for

pet feed and products
food and products for children
fashion sport nutrion alcohol
legal drugs


Use motivation programs and give special bonuses to partners who buy your products as expendable material.

For items with price from $15

Technology — QR code


Becomea direct-to-consumer brandwithout changingthe sales model

Verisium is a game-changer that connects directly to your customers and does not depend on sales channels in any way. It helps to increase loyalty via points, statuses, and prizes and gets you relevant data in amounts and quality you could not have ever got before.


Keep in touchwhenever,

Retail is diverse, but one simple chip or code helps you to adapt to all the circumstances of the market, see customer scenarios, and connect with them even after the purchase. Multi-brand shops, boutiques, e-commerce, or any other sales channel will not limit you anymore.


Make itsmooth

Motivation works well when it is in the right place. To make communication with your brand effortless and fully immerse customers into the brand experience we can integrate Verisium module to your actual app or create a new app for you from scratch.


Let us helpeven more

We can process data and suggest strategic and target advice for your product based on AI research and human expertise.

NFC-chipor QR-code // Make it smartor make it easy!

NFC chip — 4 cm

QR code — 3 cm

Two ways to engage customers into communication.

Option 1

Put NFC-chip on clothes, beauty products, accessories, beverages, etc.

Option 2

Use QR-code on any surface really, it is also good on non-return mid price range pieces.

Enrich routine interactions with any product, add extra fun, and kick of technology!


the big



Launch an omnichannel loyalty program

  • Invitations & memberships
  • VIP-service
  • Gifts
  • Cashback
  • Exclusive content
  • Bonuses & discounts


Use customer & purchase data

  • Customer info: name, age, sex contacts
  • Geolocation of purchase
  • Purchase date
  • Product SKU
  • Product unique ID


Analyze customer scenarios

  • Money spent
  • Purchase frequency
  • Customer preferences


Use AI to make personal targeted offers

  • Cross-sell & upsell recommendations
  • Next product to buy
  • Suggest relevant content